Friday, August 13, 2010

Loving Justice.

You come to me, standing tall
The look in your eyes sets my skin aflame,
Straightfaced, silent, stoic
Saying more with the set of your jaw and
Those eyes than a thousand words could express.

Your presence is electric,
Every tiny hair on my body standing on end
Every inch of me alert and awake and awaiting
The brush of those lips, your fingertips, your tongue
Against the quivering sheets of sensation pouring over me
The delicious anticipation of flesh on flesh vibrating through us both.

Even as my eyes are on the floor
I can feel yours on me, lapping me up like honey
Absorbing every detail, caressing me
As I lay spread before you
And before those arms ever leave your side.

You're so composed. Disciplined. Strong,
And I feel small and shamefully lustful in your wake
For not wanting to wait anymore,
For wanting you moving over and through me
To envelop you in my moist sensuality
And hold you there as long as I can take it-
The thought sends jolts from deep in my womb
To consume my consciousness like smouldering coals.

How sweetly it hurts when you pierce me,
How profound, how we become one entity of momentum
When the barrier is finally broken and we fold into each other
Like origami, as though meticulously sculpted to fit and complement each other.

Now as we move to the pulsing beat of the blood in your veins,
And the air becomes heavy with condensation and lust,
We share one breath, one goal, that one primal need
To crest each wave, synchronized, until
You're crashing into me like the sea on the shore,
And I am filled to spilling with you.

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